Branding & Strategy


I’m a firm believer that we are shaped by our experiences and companies are seeing that more and more. We shouldn’t be thinking in terms of “a brochure”, “a website”, “a video”, etc. Think about a more holistic approach. Think about the whole brand experience and what story you want to share.

As digital as the world seems to get we still feel the pull of the tactile experience. We read about how print is dead and digital is king but I’ve been noticing a trend that is reinforcing that multi-touch communication is still alive and well. Several “digital” designers are looking to create a printed or physical version to complement their online endeavors.

evernoteshirt Most everyone has or knows about the Evernote app. It’s an online resource we use to organize, collaborate and share information (I realize this a very abbreviated and simple description). But have you noticed how they’ve been developing more and more physical items to promote their brand? If you go to the Evernote website you will see their brand expanding into products and printed materials. As much as I like the app, I love the illustration on one of their shirts that’s available for purchase.

A publication I’m really enjoying these days is Offscreen. They describe themselves as, “A print magazine about the people behind the bits and pixels”. Its more like a small book that profiles creatives who use the internet and technology for problem-solving and business creation. They hope their readers will find the multi-sensory experience rewarding. I’ve enjoyed reading the publication to hear how other creatives work and have grown throughout their career. These stories inspire me to break out of my comfort zone and try new creative outlets.

There are other publications that are following the digital-to-print trend. I’ve enjoyed Digest, Kern and Burn and The Great Discontent. These are all very design-oriented publications but it’s something that all companies should consider when it comes time to create their marketing strategies. Don’t just think online or print. Consider both. One touch is never enough.