Branding & Strategy


Branding can bridge the unknown to the familiar. It does so by embodying an idea that people embrace. It is an integral part of culture because messages are adopted and become the social norm. As part of cultural foundation, interpreted messages drive perceptions and help connect us with the unfamiliar.

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Branding & Strategy, Design


The past few weeks have been anything but boring. This office is a playground for the detail-oriented multi-tasker. Coffee included. My tasks range from proofing work, assisting in the development of projects, and translating my experience at Herring into this blog. A large part of this is simply listening to what is going on around me. I’ve gathered knowledge about client relations, Houston factoids, and life advice.

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Design, People & Places


Last week I joined a trip to The Printing Museum. Believe it or not, adults go on field trips too. As the largest growing AIGA chapter, it is apparent Houston is a city bustling with new ideas. The exhibition Design Now: Houston validates the city’s relevance in the design world. The jurors, Matteo Bologna, Ellen Lupton and Claudia De Almeida, are experts of the field.

The exhibition consists of 14 categories ranging from publication to environmental to web/interactive. Among the finalists’ work was a theme of Houston culture, while maintaining a visual solution for a client’s problem.

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