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Something Austin has that Houston lacks is a Russian restaurant. That’s one of the main reasons for my visits there—I need my fix of pickled herring once every six months. A week ago, however, the main reason for my—and several from Herring’s team—visit was the An Event Apart conference. The two days at the conference consisted of 12 exciting lectures by some of the most respected people in the Web world, as well as meeting other designers, developers and people simply interested in the field.
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Career Day

Students eagerly participate in our discussion on Math, Science, Doodles, and Design.

A month ago, my fellow Herring designer, Doug, and I went to Crockett Elementary for a career day organized by iEducateUSA, an organization that helps elementary and middle school students to strengthen their math and science skills, as well as inspire them with possible career choices. Our goal was to get kids excited about design as a possible future career.

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If you’re Russian, you probably know who Artemy Lebedev is. For others, I should say he’s an eccentric entrepreneur who angers a lot of people with posts on his blog and owns the biggest design studio in Russia. While the English version of the studio’s website showcases their work, the original Russian site brings out the owner’s personality—it can often anger and offend the unprepared (Artemy is a huge fan of cursing), but is also a great source of design knowledge. It is, after all, where I was introduced to design and learned about kerning, leading, and numerous do’s and don’ts.

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