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Herring-Creative Courage

Being a fearless designer can be hard these days. But James Victore believes with simple ink on paper we can change the hearts and minds of the public. So the designer has the responsibilty to have creative courage in spite of the circumstances.

Houston AIGA had the pleasure of hosting Victore at Sundance theaters. In the design world, he’s a celebrity. His work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, he’s written books, and has a regular column for Entrepreneur Magazine, not counting the speaking engagements, workshops around the country and countless commercial work. As a speaker, he loves to inspire others to trust their instincts and embrace the fear of being different.
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Branding & Strategy


I was at a birthday party this past weekend, and ended up on the porch with some friends. A friend started telling a story of when he went backpacking around Germany as a teenager with his girlfriend. I leaned in to hear his tale. His girlfriend spoke fluent German and he didn’t speak any. As he told it, I was brought back to my own time visiting Germany as a preteen. I found myself feeling sorry for him and laughing at the funny predicament of not speaking the language in a foreign country. Read more »

Thoughts & Ideas

I get some weird looks or comments from people when they find out that I use Pinterest. One popular comment is how it’s for recipes only. I think Pinterest deserves a little more respect than what it currently gets. I didn’t know much about it when I joined about three years ago. Now I relish the abundant amount of images and content about art, design, attire, food, music and even videos. It’s a way of self-expression, collecting the ideas and images that inspire me and pinning them to boards. It’s a great resource because the images link back to the original source on the web.

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