Books are a campaign. Not the advertising version of a campaign—working the hard sell. More of the adventurous type. A quest. An expedition to celebrate a person’s, group’s or company’s achievements, anniversaries or progress. Books work the soft sell—capable of encapsulating the essence of the subject. Through the journey of the pages, the audience comes to understand the subject’s history and character. Its brand.

The creation of a book is a journey as well. It’s something that must be planned out well in advance. Like all great adventures, you have to be able to adapt to your surroundings and remember that the creation of a book is ever changing and evolving. At Herring, we live for the journey. We lead these expeditions on a regular basis. Producing books is something we (and me in particular) love to do. Whether it’s a an artist monograph, architectural portfolio or corporate history, these are all labors of love and require a commitment of time from all parties involved. Unlike marketing materials or web sites, which can be easily discarded or refreshed,  books can stand alone over time. The approach to creating a book must bare this in mind. The subject’s true brand can come alive over the pages and chapters. Books have their own pace. Their own rhythm. They give perspective to the metaphorical “forest,” allowing it to be seen and understood.

Books are a campaign worth the journey. Like all journeys, there will be trials, tests and restarts. But, at the end of the expedition, there is a great reward for all involved. A reward that is physical, tangible and resolute. A reward which carries new knowledge and gained experience not taught in any book. But earned from the actual campaign to create.