Branding & Strategy

So the site has gone live, the Content Management System is working, the brand is digitally refreshed and the deadlines have been met. Now what? In so many cases the answer is unfortunately “nothing” from both sides of the working relationship and this is a mistake, a big one. Not because of any malignant intent but because of a lack of education on the client side of the equation and a lack of expertise-depth to impart from the provider’s side. Read more »

Branding & Strategy


I’m a firm believer that we are shaped by our experiences and companies are seeing that more and more. We shouldn’t be thinking in terms of “a brochure”, “a website”, “a video”, etc. Think about a more holistic approach. Think about the whole brand experience and what story you want to share.

As digital as the world seems to get we still feel the pull of the tactile experience. We read about how print is dead and digital is king but I’ve been noticing a trend that is reinforcing that multi-touch communication is still alive and well. Several “digital” designers are looking to create a printed or physical version to complement their online endeavors.

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