Design, Thoughts & Ideas

One of our core competencies here at Herring is the creation of custom digital animations and motion graphics. We have a long history of projects that not only require us to do an “as-specified” animation, but also to learn about associated business and functionality applicability that may be depicted or relevant. By understanding the context of our content we can produce not only the animation deliverable, but also design it from a proper context.

One such example is the below animation commissioned by Oil States International to demonstrate the set-up and operation of their proprietary Stage Frac Isolation Tool.

©2014 Oil States. Not for distribution without permission.

Hydraulic fracturing can subject an existing oil well to extreme pressures and highly corrosive fluids which could damage vital valves and blowout protectors. Oil States’ Stage Frac Isolation Tool enables crews to safely perform multizone hydraulic fracturing on these wells by mechanically isolating the wellhead equipment eliminating unnecessary rigging up and rigging down normally required to protect the wellhead while it’s being fracked.

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