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“The IR Site” – It shouldn’t just be a section

Frequently these three words are embedded and subject to a larger project scope, and involve the handing off of templates to a provider in order to match a broader site redesign or redevelopment. IR is often seen as the “as long as it has the right data on it, it’s fine” section of a corporate website. It doesn’t have to be that way..

Investor Relations is obviously a key component to any successful traded company, and accurately servicing the people that invest in your company should be a key focus.This should include not only a clean and concise Information Architecture strategy to get them to the right data quickly and easily, but also to make sure that IR information is provided in a format that works properly with standard mobile tablets and phones.

A good UX ensures accurate access to accurate data

Your Investor Relations site can have a variety of components depending on what you place online and how you want it to work together. For example a Proxy site might need an agenda which in turn should be something easily conveyed to User’s calendars. Simultaneously you may want to proffer a wholly interactive version of your Annual Report or Sustainability Report while at the same time enabling easy access to a downloadable and printable PDF version. All of these things need to work together and be apparent to their appropriate Audience. Specific tools such as a Content Management System, interactive and helpful menu layouts, key visual action items and even the ability to display data items consistent with what the user has already browsed on your site (contextual browsing can help this experience be a valuable one. User Experience is key, after all, you want your Investors, Analysts and other visitors to spend their time learning about the company, not how the website works!

Make It Mobile 

IR is accessed for updates and specific information, and that often means “on the go.” Your IR site should be ready to deliver with Responsive or Adaptive Design techniques, efficient imagery and the ability to provide key information for online and offline viewing. Custom Mobile Apps are also a great way to provide data depending on the content and digital strategy of a company in addition to being a useful alleviation technique in the case of outdated, temporary, or limited site functionality.

Herring knows IR

Herring has a long and successful history of handling the entire Investor Relations spectrum. From beautifully designed printed Annual Reports to custom-developed Investor Relations, Annual Report, Sustainability and Proxy websites and Mobile Apps, we thoroughly understand and enjoy working with our clients on producing the best information to be showcased in the best possible way. In addition to our in-house team, we enjoy long-term and seamless strategic partnerships with key IR partners and data providers to ensure we can deliver.

If you’d like to know how we can help you develop your IR presence online or across a portfolio of synchronized mediums, please drop us an email at, or feel free to call us.