New Work

For Herring, this past holiday season was about adding a bit of zest to the usual holiday greeting. We rolled it in crushed peppermint, threw in cajun spices and even spiked it with cinnamon whiskey. Conveying our appreciation to clients and partners is a nice thing to do, but thanks to a little team effort, we were able to extend more than a simple greeting.

Our team met during the months leading up to the holidays to come up with a campaign that would connect and inspire people. Unsurprisingly, potluck suppers became the popular topic (perhaps we were all just hungry). We smiled at the idea of sharing recipes that reminded us of cooking in the kitchen with family and gathering around the table with friends during Christmas. We agreed the campaign would revolve around a mobile-optimized website. Getting our audience there was where the strategy would come into play.

The first step was to gather the content. Asking the Herring team to talk about food is easy. While all of us at the studio enjoy good food, many of us like being in the kitchen preparing savory dishes and whipping up sweet cocktails—especially during the holidays. Collecting recipes was a piece of cake. The next step was determining what the project would feel like. It’s important to keep the components linked visually and tonally. A cohesive campaign is easier to follow and can help your audience understand its purpose. Founded on Herring’s voice and brand standards, and keeping the holiday season in mind, we created a playful identity that included a bright and cheery palette and a descriptive illustration for each of the recipes.

While the look was being established, we were thinking about how to drive our audience to the website. The first avenue was direct mail. It was important to us that many of our clients experience the campaign through a tactile approach. In line with the food and drink concept, we partnered with a local coffee roaster and delivered a branded package of fresh ground coffee along with a friendly greeting. To reach a broader audience, we launched an email campaign to our vendors and subscribers. And finally, we posted art assets and messaging on multiple social media channels directing our followers to the website.

The feedback was positive. Many clients commented on how well the campaign enhanced Herring’s overall brand and personality. The idea was a great platform to showcase our brand identity, website and illustration capabilities to current clients and to a new audience. Check out the website, and we hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do.