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Something Lost, Something Gained

The other weekend Houston lost a little bit of its idiosyncratic culture. Cleveland “The Flower Man” Turner’s home was set for demolition. The Flower Man passed away in 2013 and his house, a shrine to his creative and inspiring spirit, fell into disrepair past the point of repair – with the only option left to tear it down.

While this could certainly be considered a sad story, I have to say that my experience this day was anything but that. My wife and I joined in the celebration that included a Second Line with the band, Free Radicals, that took us from St. Matthew’s to Turner’s home. I got the chance to catch up with some friends, visit some new areas in my neighborhood, talk with some really nice people, and take some photos. The Flower Man’s appeal wasn’t limited to just a neighborhood, or an age group, or a particular ethnic background. We were just a group of people sharing stories and connecting with each other.

You can read more about The Flower Man online:

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