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I was at a birthday party this past weekend, and ended up on the porch with some friends. A friend started telling a story of when he went backpacking around Germany as a teenager with his girlfriend. I leaned in to hear his tale. His girlfriend spoke fluent German and he didn’t speak any. As he told it, I was brought back to my own time visiting Germany as a preteen. I found myself feeling sorry for him and laughing at the funny predicament of not speaking the language in a foreign country.

Everyone has been to a party and leaned in to hear someone tell a story. It can be funny or sad, but we all can relate to the human experience. We want to find ourselves in the story, wrapped up in what happens, thinking about the story days after. A good story evokes empathy for the characters and what happens to them.

Some of the best stories around are told on the Moth ( podcast. The Moth is a not-for-profit organization that lets ordinary people, from all walks of life, share their story. They travel around the country and host StorySlams where individuals get up on stage and tell about some of the best times in their lives or the worst. They pour their heart and soul into their tale and in return find a connection with a community.

Telling your company’s story should be the same. A story about people, obstacles and how the company and its people rise to meet those challenges. Your story can be an inspiration and a way to connect with the community that surrounds you. Don’t be afraid to share it.