Herring is an agile, multidisciplinary design firm that has been developing clearly communicated brand experiences for over 40 years.

Building Brand Experiences:

Since 1973, Herring has been helping clients tell their stories. We’ve asked questions, but mostly we’ve listened. We use our experience to partner with clients in finding their true brand essence and to deliver on the total brand experience through targeted media.

We are thinkers, strategists, consultants, designers, coders, illustrators, motion artists and storytellers.

We are communicators.

Herring’s long and collaborative relationship with Schlumberger has made us brand ambassadors that help guide the strategy and direction of the company. Our work on internal and external publications has conveyed the innovative spirit that Schlumberger continues to encourage in the oil and gas industry. Herring also develops technical illustrations and animations that bring these innovations to life.

McArthurGlen, Europe’s leading developer of Designer Outlet Villages, turned to Herring to create the brand for its marketing efforts. Logo, typography and art direction came together to craft a brand persona.

The persona produced for McArthurGlen Group reflects the vitality of the companies and their people while giving them the flexibility to adapt to any future needs. The brand is based on simple, clear design, bold typography, dramatic photographs and the use of black as a background to heighten visual impact and the sense of sophisticated elegance.

Herring was asked to generate a new image for this 100-year-old Houston institution just after it changed hands. We developed an identity using an approach that included a new website and advertising campaign. We also helped to brand the other hospitals that joined the Hospital Partners of America family.

Herring collaborated with Spectra Energy, one of North America’s premier natural gas infrastructure companies, in the naming and branding of the company. Since the company’s inception, we have also developed their investor materials, utilizing both online and printed touch points to deliver their story.

WellEz came to us requesting a modernization of their site’s design. This design was to have a strong focus on User Experience both for the site’s visitors as well as the backend Content Management System administrators. As a Cloud services provider to the Oil & Gas industry, ease of use and being able to succinctly inform and call out to a clear spectrum of audiences was key to WellEz’s progressive Digital Strategy. We also led integration with a leading Marketing Automation platform and defined a new SEO strategy to ensure the new site’s reach and capture of valuable metrics. [ wellez.com ]