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annual report by herring

With the current challenges in the energy market, it was important for Noble to report their recent accomplishments and communicate their plan of moving forward with confidence. With a minimal design and a clear message, we helped Noble Energy connect with their shareholders and developed their 2015 Annual Report. We created a mobile-optimized web component to complement the printed piece.
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Design, New Work


Spectra Energy, one of North America’s leading pipeline and midstream companies, wanted their message for the 2015 annual report to be a bit more personal than previous years. The leadership is very passionate about the role natural gas has in this country’s ongoing energy discussion and we had to make sure that this message would connect with the audience.
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New Work


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Enable Midstream Partners to produce their 2015 Annual Report which won the platinum award at this year’s 2015 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, hosted by the LACP (League of American Communications Professionals LLC.) Enable and Herring won the highest recognition in the category, Energy – Equipment and Services.
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Branding & Strategy

Persona Discovery Grid

Personas are part of the bigger Brand strategy and should not be overlooked. 

A buyer persona is a character that represents your target audience. It takes into consideration the user’s goals, desires, and limitations that guide purchasing decisions.

Brand personas build an emotional connection with your brandThink of your brand persona as your company personality

Create a design persona that represents your brand. Your company’s persona should mirror how you want others to see you.

It should be personal, memorable, and invoke an emotional connection. As a result, it will help draw customers to your company and what you can offer them.

Persona Dimension and Attribute examples

  •  Competence; reliability, hard-working , secure, intelligence, successful
  •  Sophisticated; upper-class, good-looking, charming
  •  Exciting; daring, spirited, imaginative, daring
  •  Honest; wholesome, sincere, friendly, down-to-earth

Wondering how to create a strong brand persona and discover the benefits to your company? Herring helps companies from large to small focus their strategic brand, let us help you.

New Work

Dos Padres identity by Herring Design
We had the great fortune to work with Cyclone Enterprises to develop a new package design for their line of tortilla chips. Cyclone is a family-owned, Texas-based specialty foods manufacturing and distribution company. In looking to take their own line of tortilla chips, Dos Padres, to a larger market they had a few obstacles to overcome. First is public awareness of the Dos Padres tortilla chip line, and second, their previous package design did not distinguish between the three types of tortilla chips Cyclone currently has in the market. Read more »

Thoughts & Ideas

Mobile publication by Herring
With the proliferation and market adoption of mobile devices there are many opportunities mobile publications can bring to your brand marketing toolkit. Mobile publications can be used for every market and be a very cost effective way to expand your digital strategy and tell your story to an ever growing digital savvy market. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your mobile publication. Read more »