Branding & Strategy, Design


The past few weeks have been anything but boring. This office is a playground for the detail-oriented multi-tasker. Coffee included. My tasks range from proofing work, assisting in the development of projects, and translating my experience at Herring into this blog. A large part of this is simply listening to what is going on around me. I’ve gathered knowledge about client relations, Houston factoids, and life advice.

One project, while interning, is to shoot examples of Herring’s publication designs and then incorporate them into a promotional booklet. So how do I do this?

1. Examine: A curiosity sparks when investigating the contents of books, which ultimately drives the decision-making of what will be shot. Spreads with dynamic layout, contrast of text and image, or rhythm in the details get flagged for photographing. Then deciphering the story that is being told comes into play.

2. Stage + Shoot: Directing the presentation of a subject’s story is crucial to the following steps. The studio environment and lighting along with my Nikon V1 fastened onto a tripod are the tools required to capture the story. It’s a fun challenge to get all the variables just right and extremely rewarding when it comes together in a composition.


3. Upload + Edit: There’s a rush, like opening a present, when waiting for the images to upload. It’s not surprising to end up with five variations of the same shot. Then multiply that by how many scenes were staged. The best shots are chosen and edited to become a visual narrative.

4. Design: Did I mention this is fun? Herring’s branding and information sets the stage for designing the booklet. The blank spreads are open to layout experimentation that presents the stories of five books. My goal is to surprise readers with images that create a visual storyline.


The most important factor in this project is to communicate the stories told. My inspiration during this process is the idea of sharing a story. As the main message of the booklet, my goal is to capture the narrative of the five books shot. The system created throughout the booklet aims to emulate the same experience one would have if reading a storybook. Below is a preview of shots joined with Herring’s branding elements.